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Leadership Resources

This section provides resources and tools to church leaders. Please find below information and forms available to you 24-hours a day which will help alleviate the need to visit the church office during peak office hours.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required To Download Forms

Money Reimbursement Form
Money Requisition Form
Purchase Order Form
Money Turn-In Form
Budget Request Form
Calendar Placement Request Form
Event Scheduling & Publicity (Online Form)
Permission & Waiver of Liability Form 

Privacy Information
The church office has a strict policy on the sharing of information on individuals- both church members and non-members- that may be on file. Any information collected on persons from guest registration cards, membership profile forms, or by any other means is protected by the Church Office Privacy Policy.

No persons except for Sunday School and Bible Study leaders, ministry leaders, and department directors, or "leaders" may call the church office or otherwise obtain information on other persons that the church office has on record. The information given to leaders is limited to names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and dates of birth. In addition, leaders are only given information on persons associated with the group in which they lead.

Leaders may not use the information of others from the church office for personal use, the marketing of a product or service, or allow any other person to view the information given to them by the church office.


Event Scheduling
When scheduling events, you must notify the church office so that your events can be added to the church calendar and that your events can be publicized. Please use the form below to schedule an event, request the use of church facilities and vehicles, and to promote the event.


Permission/Waiver Forms
Church leaders may distribute the church's standard permission and waiver of liability for events and programs. While the group leader must have the forms (or a copy) in their possession during events and programs, the original signed waiver forms should always be turned-in to the church office immediately following the event. If you require assistance in completing the form for distribution, please contact the church office.